Refer a friend receive commission up to P88.888!

Refer a friend receive commission up to P88.888! as part of the promotion, all players can participate in the promotion we offer. This is a thank you gift from the online casino to the punters. This is not only to give back to the players, but also to attract more players. Let’s take a closer look at the promotions prepared by 90JILI players.

Refer a friend receive commission up to P88.888! details :

Refer a friend receive commission up to P88.888!
Refer a friend receive commission up to P88.888!

Referral Bonus and Daily Commission Event!

Wait,what?Your friends haven’t joined yet?Let’s invite them and get bonuses together!

How to Refer Friends and Earn Rewards:

1.Share Your Referral Code or Link:Invite friends by sharing your unique referral code or link.Ensure your friend registers using your link and meets all requirements to be verified as a new member.

4 Amazing Benefits for Inviting Friends:

1.Referral Signup Bonus:Share your referral link or QR code with friends.Once they register and pass mobile verification,you get an extra 10 bonus per registration!

2.Referral Bonus Reward:

Minimum Requirement 500 Deposit+2500 Valid Tumover.

Both you and your friends benefit!

3.Daily Valid Bet Commission:

Eam daily commission on your referees’valid bets.Daily Commission up to 0.3%.

Example:Player Arefers Player B.If Player B bets P10000 today,Player Aeams P30 commission the next day!

4.Extra Stage Valid Bet Commission:

Your referrals can invite others,and you still eam commissions from their bets!

Stage Commission Calculation:

Level 1 Commission:(A+B)*0.3%

Level 2 Commission:(A1 +A2 B1 +B2)*0.1%

Level 3 Commission:(A3 +A4+A5+A6+B3+B4+B5+B6)*0.1%


Let’s invite friends and earn big bonuses together!

Terms and Conditions:

1.Eligible Members:Only members registered with PHP currency.

2.Management Rights:We reserve the right to change,amend,add,or invalidate any of these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

3.Eligible Games:This promotion is for slot games only.

4.Mobile Verification:Mobile number must be fully verified.

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