Daily VIP golden egg bonus up to P88.888!

Daily VIP golden egg bonus up to P88.888 as part of the promotion, all players can participate in the promotion we offer. This is a thank you gift from the online casino to the punters. This is not only to give back to the players, but also to attract more players. Let’s take a closer look at the promotions prepared by 90JILI players.

Daily VIP golden egg bonus up to P88.888! details :

Daily VIP golden egg bonus up to P88.888!
Daily VIP golden egg bonus up to P88.888!

Daily VIP GOLDEN EGG Bonus Up to P88,888!

Dear VIP Members,

Hooray!We are excited to bring you the Daily VIP Golden Egg Bonus,filling your days with surprises and joy!

Promotion Details:

1.All VIP1 and above members can participate in this promotion.

2.The higher your VIP level,the bigger the bonuses.Daily bonuses can reach up to P88,888.

3.Once you meet the requirements,you will be eligible to claim a Golden Egg

Promotion Conditions:

1.Members must have at least 10 valid bets to apply for this bonus.

2.Members’mobile numbers must be verified.

3.Rewards must be claimed before the end of the day.If you forget to claim,your valid bets will reset the next day.

4.Each member can claim 1 ticket per day.

5.Tumover requirement is 3x.

Legend about the Golden Egg:

The bonuses in the Golden Egg are always a mystery.It’s said that someone won a Golden Egg bonus worth 88,888.Don’t ask me how much the Golden Egg can contain;I don’t know either!

According to ancient instructions,the longer the consecutive days of sign-in,the greater the chance of finding this Mysterious Golden Egg.Let’s explore together!

How to Claim:

Once the requirements are met,your reward will be automatically added to your reward center,and you can claim it directly.

Terms and Conditions:

1.When players use promotional bonuses for game bets,they will not be entitled to any rebate on the bonus bet amount,but the withdrawal tumover will be calculated as normal.

2.Only one account per player is allowed.No same IP address,bank account,or contact number is allowed.Players with multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.

3.Those who have already applied will not be able to apply again.

4.Our platform reserves the right to revoke all bonuses given to any member if they are found abusing this promotion.

5.Our platform reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time.

6.Our platform’s general terms and conditions apply.

Join the Daily VIP Golden Egg Bonus and start your lucky journey today!Wishing you lots of luck and daily surprises!*

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