Picking Up an Electronic Keyboard: How to Do Without a Piano

If you are a piano enthusiast who just can’t afford to get a piano right now or doesn’t have one around, the music muse and the music industry conspired to offer you some nice choices to get by with. Just keep the awful truth in mind: you need a piano to become really good at playing. Either if you have one at home, if you have a cool friend that lends you theirs or there’s one at school that you can use to practice, you’re saved! You got you’re stairway to heaven! Still there’s a good variety of electronic keyboard instruments for piano players to choose from. They come in all colors and sizes: from easy to carry lightweight devices to big heavy ones.

What about prices? In the past, it used to be quiet expensive to buy an electronic keyboard if you were looking for even basic features such as expression. Nowadays, they are generally equipped with interface software, auto accompaniment, demo songs and frequently MIDI controls. And that is for just a small fraction of the cost of the most low-end piano!

The software included in these instruments handles user interaction with control keys and menus, and allows you to select tones (e.g., piano, organ, violin, flute), effects (reverb, echo, sustain), and other features. What are the MIDI controls? MIDI signals are used to send and receive data, as universally used across most digital electronic musical instruments.

So, electronic keyboards offer different characteristics to fit your needs as a player, from sing-along aficionados to professional performers. The question is: are you going to make good use of these attributes? If you’re just looking for an instrument to manage until you can get a piano, you may overlook some of the features and focus on the ability of the instrument to produce expression: The closest the touch sensitivity is to that of the piano, the smoother the transition will be when it comes. Also keep in mind that pianos often extend to over 7 octaves and some musical works can be hardly played on small keyboards.

Wrapping up, starters should consider the “keyboard fill-in” an option. You can check for keyboards on sale on places like eBay or Amazon.

Elida Schollmeyer

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