Garage Door Insulation

Great do-it-yourself project

Garage door insulation projects are great do it yourself projects that anybody can do, year round. They make great family activities to do, and don’t necessarily require a license and bonded professional-which can be quite costly.

Depending on your garage, and the scope of your insulation installation, you’ll want to spend the most of your effort about the project on planning. In planning, undoubtedly, online research will come in to play. You’ll want to make sure to be able to sift through the clutter online. Can you tell spam and fluff content from actual content published by experts and credible folks? Look for content published by actual manufacturers or retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, or home improvement gurus that are known for their shows on, for example, the Home Channel, the Home TV channel, and the like. There are a number of gurus out there, which are all credible, and you should spend some time getting to know some of them, for your garage project.

In planning, you might take the opportunity to introduce your children to accounting and costing, in dealing with the prices of things on paper. This is a great opportunity to show and illustrate and demonstrate how numbers and plans on paper can be realized in the real brick and mortar world. From as young as the age as 4 or 5, children can be included to various extents on this sort of garage improvement project. The general rule is that if they can talk, then can be included in on the project.

Garage improvement projects such as renewing or installing fresh insulation can be tricky, however. It’s important to familiarize yourself with any building codes that might be relevant to your garage door project. Check with your city’s and county’s building authorities and so called building codes for details on these.

This sort of project doesn’t necessarily require a contractor that’s licensed and bonded, but if you’re doing a garage of 3 more cars, you’ll want to consider one. If you’re just doing a small town home’s single car garage, this should be a feat, very manageable to you and your family.

Mind the weather and climate

When you want to attempt this sort of project, is when the climate and weather is temperate, moderate. First and foremost, you don’t want to be uncomfortable when you are doing the project, you want to be comfortable. You also don’t want to be disturbed by the weather. You might be comfortable, but if the wind is gusty enough to cause a nuisance to you in the way that it knocks and displaces insulating material while you’re trying to put it into place then you’ll want to wait out the gusts and plan for another day. Try to plan the project for when, seasonally, the weather will be more moderate, temperate than say, the winter and summer.

Also, your foaming materials will likely require certain environmental conditions. Ventilation and temperature are such factors. Check with the products labeling and product documentation before purchasing, and add this information to your planning stage’s results. Garage door insulating projects are easier than cellular glass insulation projects, definitely; so called CGI installations require a building code inspector to review and either approve or reject the work. That’s not called for, typically, with a garage project like this. But as mentioned, you’ll want to check with your local authorities. For example, in New York City and Los Angeles, garage codes are particular and unique. Builders there that also operate in other locales, know to pay special attention to these particular cities’ codes.

A garage project such as this is definitely easier to execute than say a fire proofing project, in that the severity of the consequences of an improperly or hastily done project aren’t as detrimental as a fire proofing project-where consequences can call for significant costs. A garage project t like this also a lot easier to do, in terms of a family activity, than, say, a roofing project. If you’re looking to include family in an activity that is themed after home improvement, a garage project like this is a great way to toe in. Your garage will be happier for it; your family will be happier and closer ’cause of it.

Elida Schollmeyer

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