Cockfighting Tips – Betting on the Right Door Increases Rewards for Each Fight

How to win cockfighting  play an equally important role as other factors in your entertainment process. So what are the secrets to winning every time you participate? Follow the information in the following article of 90JILI to quickly increase your winning rate if you want to conquer this form of betting.


about cockfighting – Key factors to know when applying tips

Cockfighting is a popular form of entertainment on the market. Since its appearance, betting has quickly received the attention of the brothers. It is simple to play, but to win, everyone must master the tips of cockfighting. First, the following information is an important factor that should not be ignored.

Forms of cockfighting betting you should know

What forms of betting are there in cockfighting today? Learning cockfighting tips, we will see that betting has 3 forms:

  • Traditional cockfighting: The cocks will compete with each other without any changes in terms of support. Time and delimitation rules are applied like normal cock fighting rules.
  • Knife spur cockfighting: Similar to traditional cockfighting, but with knife spurs, the linguine is supported with a sharp knife on the back of the leg. Accordingly, people will see that  takes place more quickly and quite dramatically.

Betting options in cockfighting

If you want to quickly apply the top tips for winning cockfighting, everyone must know the betting options. The latest information in betting shows that the 3 main odds include:

  • Meron bet: This is a betting option for the house. This bet has a high winning rate. Normally, the fighting cocks representing the house are often tall and have a high winning rate. Therefore, the payout ratio for this bet is set at 1:0.96.
  • Wala Bet: This choice represents the player’s spiritual cock. In fact, this bet has a lower probability than Meron, so the payout ratio is 1:1.
  • Tie bet: Tie has an extremely low chance of appearing. The result only appears when the fighting cocks cannot decide whether to win or lose. Therefore, the reward the player receives when winning will be 8 times the bet capital.

Latest tips for winning cockfighting from experts

How to quickly win when you want to experience chicken betting? Applying the following cockfighting tips will give everyone a high winning rate:

You should not bet on a draw

Everyone knows that a draw has an attractive prize. Bet 1 but win 8, so the reward will be very high. This is the betting door that everyone wants to conquer.
However, veteran players say this is a very difficult bet to conquer. Bettors should know that the cocks will only draw if they accept the beak for 5 minutes, the two will not fight together, etc. However, the cocks are all professionally trained so they will always rush into battle. The tie pole has a very low probability of winning.

Cockfighting tips say that investors have an extremely low chance of winning. That’s why it’s a lot to invest in 1 Tie bet. Winnings are not enough to compensate for capital losses from previous losses. Staying away from this bet will ensure everyone’s betting capital.

Cockfighting tips say you should not bet on Tie

Pay attention to the cock’s health

The health of the chickens is one of the important factors for the fight to continue and determine the outcome. Normally, you should choose chickens that are in good health with the following symptoms:

  • Chickens with strong attack speed and fast reflexes will have a higher chance of winning than chickens with weak attacks and slow reflexes.
  • Smooth, ruffled feathers show that the fighting cock is well cared for and well nourished.
  • Chickens that are heavy enough to be able to appear on stage are also tips for cockfighting that you shared before.
  • Flexible fighting cocks shown in their eyes and movements are also a safe choice for everyone.
  • Bravery and fighting ability are also part of showing good chicken health and making it easier to win.

Choose a battle to join

Not every battle should be bet on. One of the tips for cockfighting with 100 wins and 100 wins that experts often apply is to choose a fight with a high chance of winning a prize.
According to shares from veteran bettors, people need to choose matches with differences. Two fighting cocks, one strong and one weak, will be the battle you should participate in. Then you can clearly determine which bet has a high winning rate. Meanwhile, in fights where two chickens have equal strength, it will be difficult to determine who wins. Bets only have a 50% payout rate.

Follow the battle history of the spirit chicken

Grasping the form of the chickens is very important. From statistical information, people can see how the chickens have performed on the field. Good or bad form will help you choose which fighting chicken or not. This is one of the tips for cockfighting that should not be ignored.


What to pay attention to when betting on

If you want to apply cockfighting tips successfully, everyone should know that the following notes are worth paying attention to:

  • The color of the cock is crucial to victory. People consider choosing fighting cocks based on feather color, so remember that fighting cocks with pale red feathers will have poor health. Most of these spiritual cocks do not have enough physical strength to fight until the end of the match. Therefore, cockfighting tips indicate that fighting cocks with dark red feathers are the best choice.
  • Chickens with signs of decompression due to weight should not be selected. In battle, these chickens often fight slowly and have weak reflexes.
  • You should also note that the chicken’s behavior during the halftime break also shows the possibility of winning. When the rooster is relaxed and hesitant about how to move or find food, the percentage of loss is very high. On the contrary, if a spirit roo shows good fighting skills, it is extremely brave and has a very high chance of winning.
  • The way a chicken has long and slim legs will lose its stamina quickly during the attack process.
  • Choose chickens to avoid chickens that are too young or old.

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Aspects you should know when applying cockfighting tips

Just applying cockfighting tips is not enough. You should know that along with that are aspects such as:

  • Choosing a bookmaker is something that everyone should understand. This helps players keep their information secure and safe when placing bets. At the same time, you will also receive the exact amount of reward you win or ensure your winning rate.
  • Using capital properly will ensure bettors have the best quality entertainment time. Cockfighting tips say you should not bet everything on a single match but should divide your capital equally. Besides, set a betting limit and only use capital within the required frame.
  • You need to learn and grasp all the important information about the game rules, betting windows as well as payout rates.
  • Besides, you should apply the same cockfighting tips shared by experienced players. Don’t use one, but combine many experiences together to increase everyone’s chances of winning.

Cockfighting tips are an important factor for everyone to increase their winning rate. This article shares with everyone the top experiences for betting on cockfighting from experienced players. Players should also follow along to learn more interesting things and aspects that need to be supplemented with knowledge about this form of entertainment.

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